save money by minimising your corporate waste in 2018 feature image

Save Money by Minimising Your Corporate Waste In 2018

If you’re a business owner, you might be thinking along familiar lines as we all come to the end of ...

29th Dec, 2017

the easiest ways to minimise christmas waste feature image

The Easiest Ways To Minimise Christmas Waste

Christmas is well known as a time of indulgence, and rightly so! If you can’t tuck into turkey and chocolates ...

12th Dec, 2017

what happens to garden waste after you hire a skip feature image

What Happens To Garden Waste After You Hire A Skip?

Now that autumn is quickly giving way to full blown winter, you may well have been taking the opportunity to ...

4th Dec, 2017

new stats from defra show that uk fly tipping is on the rise

New Stats From DEFRA Show That UK Fly-Tipping Is On The Rise

One of the responsibilities of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is, amongst other things, to make sure ...

13th Nov, 2017

easy steps to get your garden ready for winter feature image

Easy Steps To Get Your Garden Ready For Winter

At Skip Hire Network, we understand the pride that people take in their homes and gardens, and now that we’re ...

7th Nov, 2017

how to dispose of hazardous waste feature image

How To Dispose Of Hazardous Waste

We all throw lots of things away on a daily basis, and out of it all, hazardous waste is by ...

12th Oct, 2017

how to cut down on your homes pollution potential feature image

How To Cut Down On Your Home’s Pollution Potential

We’ve just reached the end of Pollution Prevention week here in the UK. Though it started as an American event, ...

3rd Sep, 2017

tips on storing waste part liquid and hazardous waste feature image

Tips On Storing Waste, Part 2: Liquid And Hazardous Waste

This week sees the second and final instalment in our series on the best ways to store waste. Last week ...

20th Sep, 2017

tips on storing waste part 1 solid and food waste feature image

Tips On Storing Waste, Part 1: Solid And Food Waste

Hiring a skip is a pretty universal service, and one that many homeowners and businesses will find themselves needing to ...

12th Sep, 2017

quick tips for hiring skips feature image

Quick Tips For Hiring Skips

We pride ourselves on being pretty clued-up on responsible waste disposal here at Skip Hire Network, even if we do ...

11th Aug, 2017

handy skip hire services for summer house renovations feature image

Handy Skip Hire Services For House Renovations

Continuing straight on from our last blog concerning good household summer projects, this week we’re taking it indoors with our ...

7th Aug, 2017

Why Skip Hire Is Great For Summer Garden Renovations

The great British summertime brings with it brightness, warmth and longer evenings – not something we’re always used to here ...

14th Jul, 2017

your questions answered about skip hire permits feature image

Your Questions Answered About Skip Hire Permits

Depending on your situation, when hiring a skip it’s possible that you’ll need a skip hire permit from your local ...

7th Jul, 2017

why does skip hire network use a waste transfer station feature image

Why Does Skip Hire Network Use A Waste Transfer Station?

Proper waste disposal is a cornerstone of our business here at Skip Hire Network, and we take it very seriously. ...

23rd Jun, 2017

the rubbish consequences of poor waste management feature image

The Rubbish Consequences Of Poor Waste Management

At Skip Hire Network, we’re wholly committed to our environmental responsibility; that’s why we’ve made effective waste management a key ...

5th Jun, 2017