skip hire costs

Why it’s important to carefully pick your skip hire provider

When you’ve got any kind of substantial waste on your premises, it’s understandable that you’d want to hire a skip ...

29th Sep, 2020

Which skip should I hire for a house renovation?

What size of skip do I need for bathroom clearance?

When you’re getting started with your own bathroom renovation, one of the first things you’ll need to consider is the ...

24th Sep, 2020

skip on street

The top 4 reasons why tradespeople choose Skip Hire Network

Waste is a regular part of life on site for many tradespeople in Britain, especially if you work in construction ...

28th Aug, 2020

skips ready to go

Why choose green skip hire for your garden waste?

In the recent burst of gorgeously warm sunny weather, you may well have been amongst the thousands of homeowners across ...

18th Aug, 2020

skip hire network landfill

How Covid-19 is changing the UK’s attitude towards waste

Arguably not since the Second World War has a single event required such dramatic changes to our daily lives. In ...

29th Jul, 2020

house clear-out

6 decluttering lessons we’ve learned from lockdown

The most severe lockdown measures have now been lifted here in the UK, bringing widespread relief from homeowners and businesses ...

26th Jul, 2020

girl picking leaves

5 of the best ways to prepare your garden for Spring

With the weather on track to get brighter and warmer (any day now!), it’s fast approaching the time of year ...

21st Mar, 2019

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Top tips to recycle at home

Recycling at home is something everyone can get used to doing. After a while, it just becomes second nature. Learning ...

28th Feb, 2019

recycling bins

5 disposable objects the public is trying to recycle more in 2019 (and how)

Most types of plastic can be recycled successfully and turned into useful items. For instance, Amazon sells recycled pens for ...

28th Feb, 2019

recycling glasses

The stats are in – how well did the UK do with recycling in 2018?

Just a few weeks ago, the UK government released our national statistics for waste processing in 2018. Like most sets ...

31st Jan, 2019


5 questions to ask yourself for your home’s New Year clear-out

Even if you’re not a Netflix subscriber, you may well have heard all about the tidying-up sensation that is Marie ...

25th Jan, 2019


6 recycling mistakes you might be making

Sustainability and recycling are two major concerns of ours here at Skip Hire Network. In fact, it’s one of the ...

21st Dec, 2018

items for recycling

Confused about recycling? A new study says you’re not alone!

Waste processing has been big news throughout 2018, with more headlines than ever pointing to its impact on our planet ...

18th Dec, 2018

skip hire network mattress

Can you put a mattress in a skip?

You probably don’t think much about your mattress on a day to day basis. Since they’re normally around for at ...

5th Dec, 2018

eco xmas feature

3 of the easiest ways to have an eco-friendly Christmas this year

Eco-friendliness is a hotter topic than ever, as you’ll probably already know from even a quick glance at lots of ...

27th Nov, 2018