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The Easiest Ways To Minimise Christmas Waste

12th Dec, 2017

Christmas is well known as a time of indulgence, and rightly so! If you can’t tuck into turkey and chocolates guilt-free on Christmas Day, when can you? (Although probably not at the same time, of course.) Having said that though, there’s no denying that if we’re not careful, we can all be liable to produce a lot more waste around Christmas. But before you start getting ready to hire a skip, we’ve got a few suggestions. This week on the blog here at Skip Hire Network, we’ve dedicated a bit of time to discovering the easiest ways to cut down on this waste, giving both you and the environment less to deal with when it’s all over!

Planning Ahead When Shopping

 shopping list

‘Christmas list’ is something we’re definitely all familiar with, but sometimes that list can end up stretching further and further over the course of the day. This is in part thanks to all the little gadgets and novelty tidbits that end up in front of our faces more than any other time of year; magnets, bookmarks and keyrings that we never set out to buy, but somehow end up with anyway. And let’s be honest, lots of it gets lost quite quickly after Christmas, or never appreciated as much as we’d like. Stick to the all-knowing List, and try to avoid making impulse purchases unless they’re substantial enough to be worth it.

Take The Economical Approach To Christmas Wrapping

economic wrapping

It’s also worth taking care when you pick out your Christmas wrapping. Lots of wrapping papers use some sort of foil or metallic materials, preventing them from being properly recycled. All-paper wrapping or, even better, entirely recycled wrapping paper is definitely preferable, and does less harm to the environment. Meanwhile, other ‘green’ wrapping paper substitutes can include the Sunday comics from major newspapers, which have the added bonus of being quite quirky and memorable too. And obviously, reuse ribbons, bows and boxes wherever you can!

When The Big Day Is Over

sweeping up the rubbish

Before we say anything else – don’t throw away your Christmas trees! Lots of local authorities have some form of Christmas tree recycling schemes, so have a look around before you chuck it in a skip straightaway. By the same token, before you throw away your Christmas decorations, first consider whether someone else might find use for them. Unless they’re in an especially poor state, chances are the answer to that question is yes! You can also find a new home for old furniture, which is often especially appreciated by those in need at this time of year.

Of course, sometimes when you’ve exhausted every available option, you can always get rid of the trickier waste by hiring a skip. We’re right there with you – at Skip Hire Network, we’re dedicated to making the process as easy and cost-effective as possible. And that’s just the start! What’s more, we practice what we preach – we’re fully committed to our environmental initiatives, and will recycle whatever we can from the waste we collect. Just make sure that you use the right size skip for the job!

It’s easy to get started – all you have to do is head to our homepage and enter in your postcode and phone number, and you’ll find yourself looking at an instant skip hire quote.

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