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Quick Tips For Hiring Skips

11th Aug, 2017

We pride ourselves on being pretty clued-up on responsible waste disposal here at Skip Hire Network, even if we do say so ourselves. And that means we’re always fit to bursting with ideas on how to save yourself effort and get the most out of hiring a skip.

This week, we’ve got a new bunch of helpful hints and tips for hiring a skip:

  1. Hire your skip online.
  2. Book your skip in plenty of time.
  3. Be smart when loading your skip.
  4. Don’t pile up food waste!

Hire Your Skip Online

book online

You could say we’re slightly biased on this particular aspect here at Skip Hire Network, but with good reason! Our entire business model is built around giving you a quick, easy online quote that tells you at a glance what you can expect from skip hire in your area. Just by entering your postcode and phone number onto our website, we’re able to give you the best prices on local skip hire. It’s far faster than picking up the phone for discussions with each individual company, and what’s more, the size of our network means that we’ll always know a reliable service provider right near you.

Give Yourself Plenty Of Time To Book Your Skip


There’s nothing worse than finding out you can’t get a skip just when you need it most. No one wants piles of rubbish hanging around in their back yards or front gardens – or worse, their homes! On the one hand, it can be very unhygienic, and it can even be downright dangerous in the case of scrap wood and masonry.

Instead it’s better to plan as far ahead as you can, so that you can have your skip in and out on the schedule that’s best for you, and avoid having piles of waste hanging around your home or business premises.

Be Smart When Loading Your Skip

Why Skip Hire Is More Cost-Effective Than You Think

If you’ve hired a skip before you’ll probably already know that there are strict regulations about how high you can stack the waste into it. Essentially, if the waste is stacked too high and it reaches over the edges of the skip, it can potentially become unbalanced when we come to lift it onto the collection trucks. As you can imagine, this not only makes it dangerous, but in fact even makes it illegal for us to take. (It’s just one of the many reasons why it’s important to select the right size skip.)

With that in mind, load your skip carefully, so that the biggest and bulkiest stuff goes at the bottom, and the progressively lighter waste is stacked towards the top. Here’s the trick, though – if you have any rubbish bags full of waste, it’s first a good plan to make sure that there are no bubbles of air inside them. When they’re tightly compact, you can then use them to fill up any gaps between the bigger bits of scrap, given their relatively squishy nature.

Food For Thought

A final piece of advice that we’ll leave you with – we wouldn’t advise using your skip to dispose of food, especially perishables. Even if you only have your skip for a week, for example, things like meat and fruit can quickly begin to rot. Not only does this raise an almighty smell, but you might find unwelcome visitors in the form of rats and other pests frequenting the skip and the surrounding area. Instead, donate anything unopened to local food banks, and dispose of anything perishable in in regular rubbish bins. Leave your skip for the trickier stuff!

There’s more where all that came from – here at Skip Hire Network, we’re experts in waste disposal. Not only do we make a habit of disposing of waste in a safe, environmentally friendly way, but we even directly support charitable causes. Click here to find out how, as well as read about other great reasons to choose us. Or – if you’re ready to hire a skip today – just go to our homepage to get started!

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