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Easy Steps To Get Your Garden Ready For Winter

7th Nov, 2017

At Skip Hire Network, we understand the pride that people take in their homes and gardens, and now that we’re well and truly into autumn, lots of people are taking the opportunity to have a good old clear-up before the winter weather sets in. (And while we’re on that topic, hiring a skip for garden waste is always handy for disposal!) So, whether you consider yourself a bit of a green-fingered garden fanatic, or just proud of the greenery, here are the some of the most useful early-November garden jobs:

Getting Your Hands Dirty

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One of the most recognisable signs of the season are those piles of autumn leaves. And while they might look lovely and golden and beautiful in movies, in practice they’re often damp, irritating nuisances that incessantly stick to things. Show them who’s boss by clearing them off your lawns and paths, helping to make everything drastically less slippery while you’re at it. Give the same treatment to the overhanging plants and branches hovering over your head on pathways – always better to be safe than sorry!

Give It The Strength To Carry On

potted plants

Painting is one of those jobs that some of us love, and some of us hate. Regardless, it needs to be done now, during the last of the dry weather, if you don’t want your sheds and fences flaking horribly once the weather turns harsher. As you’re doing it, test your fence posts for their sturdiness too, so that you can be certain that they’re not going to get blown down in winter storms. It’s worth making sure your shed roof isn’t leaking either, and replace any broken window panes in greenhouses. A greenhouse isn’t much good if the water gets in anyway!

Your Plants Could Use Some Planning Ahead

fixing fence

Waterlogging can be the bane of a keen gardener’s existence, so you might find it a good idea to raise your plant pots off the ground for the winter on bricks to prevent excess water seeping into the bottom of them. Speaking of plant pots, you can move your more delicate species out of the way before the harsh weather sets in – it could be into a greenhouse, or just simply under cover somewhere (though obviously, make sure they still get enough light).

Meanwhile, you can collect seeds from your garden to plant new species for next year, too. It’s cheaper than buying them from a shop!

Hiring A Skip For Garden Waste Disposal

skips ready to go

The title says it all, really. Not only are you going to produce quite a lot of clippings, chunky branches and twigs from your own gardening efforts, but the natural world is going to throw quite a bit of natural debris at you anyway (see ‘massive piles of leaves’ above). Never fear though! After you’ve recycled and composted what you can, you can always look to our skip hire service. At Skip Hire Network, we provide everything you need (namely a good sized skip) for you to dispose of your garden waste.

So, what garden waste can you put in a skip? Well:

  • Leaves and flowers
  • Lawn trimmings
  • Grass and weeds
  • Pruned branches and twigs
  • Tree bark and wood cuttings

Generally, it’s a matter of common-sense, so if you’re thinking it’s probably not a good idea, then it probably isn’t. The important thing is not to mix garden waste with other types of waste, like household or hazardous. Trust us, it makes things a lot more difficult for our staff, and the collector agents might even refuse to take your skip. It pays to double-check!

The best part is that if you’re looking to hire a skip for your garden waste, it takes barely any time at all to get one sorted. Just go to our homepage and enter in your postcode and phone number, and you’ll be looking at an instant skip hire quote.

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