Why Skip Hire Is Great For Summer Garden Renovations

14th Jul, 2017

The great British summertime brings with it brightness, warmth and longer evenings – not something we’re always used to here on our tiny island! In these sorts of conditions, it’s a great opportunity to get some summer jobs done around the garden; and it might not be a bad idea to hire a skip to get rid of what you don’t need. Wondering what might need your attention most? Well, at Skip Hire Network, we have one or two ideas…

Sorting Out Your Garden Decking


This is one of the first targets for many people looking to spruce up their garden for summer. The thing about decking is that while it looks beautiful, it can easily show up the marks of dirtiness or disrepair. Most of the time this is easily rectified with a tactical bit of power washing, or just a quick session of oiling and staining to leave your decking looking good as new.

Sometimes though, although it’s not easy to admit it, lots of your decking boards might be beyond repair. They could be worn away, rotted with damp, or riddled with the insects that are fond of burrowing through them. For getting rid of your damaged boards, skip hire may well be your best bet, leaving you free to kick back and relax on your refurbished decking, basking in the summer sunshine.

Trimming Trees

hedge trimming

It’s likely that keeping your secateurs is going to pay dividends later on. Overhanging branches aren’t an issue most of the time, but there may come a point that they’re not only annoying, but downright dangerous. Piles of pine needles, dead leaves and other debris is irritating enough to clean up on its own, but falling tree branches have been known to break windows, damage property and even injure people.

Once you’ve shovelled, or raked, or even just placed it all into a pile, the tempting option might be to burn it. Unfortunately, as we’ve covered before, this is really not a good idea. Hiring a skip is not only a more sensible option for your health, but is much more environmentally friendly, as Skip Hire Network takes care to properly process every bit of waste we collect.

Fixing Up Your Old Garden Fencing


Another great task to do, while you’ve got the proper sunshine to do it. Similar to low-hanging branches, wooden fencing has the potential to be dangerous if not given proper attention. Broken nails and splintered wood are both good examples of things you won’t want your friends, family or pets to trip over, making a quick renovation of your fencing a worthwhile task. As with decking boards, you might find that there are many posts that need to be disposed of entirely, which is where skip hire comes in. (In fact, given the similarity of materials, they might be great jobs to tackle alongside each other!)

Finally Clearing Out That Old Shed

garden shed

Don’t pretend you haven’t got one. Let’s be honest, we all have. If we’re not quite sure of whether we can use a thing, but we don’t want to throw it away, where’s the first place it goes? Yup. The shed. The average garden shed is packed chock full of garden implements and half-broken pieces of furniture that, if we’re being honest with ourselves, will never see the light of day again. Wouldn’t they be better off in a skip? Given that you’re on a roll and the sun’s still shining, now’s the best time to do it, right?

(Remember though – it’s likely that not everything you find in that shed will be suitable for a skip. Old paint cans and tins of vaguely identifiable chemicals are both prime examples of what you can’t put in a skip.)

If you’re wondering exactly where you can get such a skip, well, look no further. It’s from us, here at Skip Hire Network! We have a whole range of skip sizes for you to choose from depending on what’s best for the job. All you have to do to get started is enter your postcode and phone number onto our homepage. From there, it’s a simple matter to make a booking, and then you’re away! That garden isn’t going to sort itself, you know.

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