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Save Money by Minimising Your Corporate Waste In 2018

29th Dec, 2017

If you’re a business owner, you might be thinking along familiar lines as we all come to the end of 2016 – it might be time for a good old clear out! Similar to households, businesses can end up collecting a lot of miscellaneous clutter over the course of the year. Thankfully, hiring a skip is the perfect solution. Before we get to that though, the question is: how can you stop it happening again? Well, here at Skip Hire Network, we’ve got a few suggestions…

Make Your Purchases Carefully

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Even the most frugal of businesses can be prone to over-ordering occasionally. This is true for all industries, but amongst the most noticeable ones is the construction industry; around 60 million tonnes of waste is estimated to go directly to landfill every year as a result of over-ordering. It just underlines the importance of taking the time to work out how much you’re definitely going to use – and maybe ordering conservatively, just in case. That way, you’re less likely to end up with stationery, food or even furniture you never end up using, saving you money on unnecessary purchases.

Always Think Sustainably

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‘Re-use and recycle’ is likely a mantra you’ve heard a lot in places, or even repeated yourself! Sadly, although it’s a common refrain, it’s not always followed upon with the same fervour. So before you throw anything away, first think – is this completely unusable? Then, even if no one in your company could benefit from it, is there someone else who might? A broken binder just needs the addition of a bulldog clip to make an instant clipboard, for example. You may not want to use it for client meetings (might not look too professional) but it’s certainly functional for day-to-day use.

Even if it is completely broken, a surprising amount of things can be recycled. It’s worth building up a system for dealing with these materials – even if it’s just a box discreetly in the corner. Better that than landfill! Plus, as well as being more environmentally friendly, re-using your materials and equipment is often undeniably more cost-effective.

Store Sensibly

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We’ve all had that moment of spilling something on a thing that definitely shouldn’t be spilled on. It’s one of those universal truths of life. But while personal property can get away with the odd knock, dent or stain, in a business context, a similar accident – scaled up – can mean that entire batches of material can be written off. Reports need to be printed, food re-ordered, products re-produced. This means that a lot of consideration needs to be given to where your materials are stored on your premises, to minimise the chances of collisions or accidents. In this way, proper storage essentially maximises the lifespan of your products or equipment, saving you money on unnecessary replacements.

Hire A Skip From A Reputable Company

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Before you hire a skip, it’s always a good plan to do a bit of research on the company in question first. Can they offer you the right skip you need? Say, for example, do they offer their skips in a variety of sizes? Is their customer service second to none? Will you be helping a number of social and environmental causes at no extra cost or effort, just by choosing them?

We think you might be able to see where we’re going with this. At Skip Hire Network, we’re focused on making life as quick, easy and cheap for you as possible. You can take a quick trip to our homepage and just enter in your postcode and phone number to get an instant skip hire quote.

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