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5 disposable objects the public is trying to recycle more in 2019 (and how)

28th Feb, 2019

Most types of plastic can be recycled successfully and turned into useful items. For instance, Amazon sells recycled pens for people who don’t wish to buy new, and recycled furniture is incredibly popular with households across the country. Disposable objects are the worst when it comes to recycling, however. They’re so easy to throw away that often people don’t think twice about it. That’s thankfully changing in 2019 as the public embraces recycling to avoid the use of landfills (or at least slow it down).

With the public recycling more items this year, we all need available recycling facilities. The Skip Hire Network provides facilities to help with recycling, and a portion of our profits goes towards helping homeless men over 25 who need accommodation, training and education to get back on their feet.

Here are five disposable objects the public is keen on recycling more of this year.

Plastic bags

The types of plastic bags that can be recycled are the ones given out by some UK supermarkets and other shops on the high street. They’re thinner and distinctly different from the thicker ones that can be purchased which resemble a canvas type.

Plastic bottles

Plastic bottles come in all shapes, sizes and uses. The most popular plastic bottles are used for portable water or fizzy drinks (once they’ve been rinsed out at the sink). These are made from plastic that’s a bit more flexible and easier to recycle.

plastic bottles waste processing

Milk cartons – the milk jugs and the bottles but not the Tetra Pac – are also made from materials that can be fully recycled. They don’t look like the usual plastic bottles, but that’s because they’re a different type. Again, rinsing out any milk remnants is a good idea before disposing of them.

Plastic straws

Plastic straws are more hygienic to use if you’re not sure that the drinks container is totally clean, and they’re easy to set aside after use to include with your other plastic recycling. Plastic straws are usually made from polypropylene plastic and can be recycled without difficulty. Even the stripy coloured ones!

Plastic kitchen containers

Some plastic containers used for food can be recycled, not just because the type of plastic is malleable but also because these containers aren’t too thick. Look for the standard recycling logo – usually on the underside – to confirm it.

Bear in mind that if you have a food container made from another type of material, but with a plastic window in the centre, the removable window is usually not recyclable. Yes, it’s small but it’s made from a different type of plastic that’s harder to deal with successfully.

Also, don’t try recycling a plastic rubbish bin because that’s too large and tough to recycle successfully.

Plastic pens

Plastic pens by the likes of Bic or Pilot are recyclable when broken down. For instance, with a Bic, the plastic tube can be recycled, but the inner ink tube and the nib that touches the paper can’t. Similarly, with a Pilot gel pen, the outer plastic tubing is recyclable, but the metal tip must be unscrewed and removed along with the ink tube and other non-plastic parts.

Recycling is easy to do and an effective way to save the planet’s resources, so long as the right disposable items go into the skip.

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