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Why choose green skip hire for your garden waste?

18th Aug, 2020

In the recent burst of gorgeously warm sunny weather, you may well have been amongst the thousands of homeowners across the UK busying themselves out in the garden, chopping, pruning, or cutting any trees or plants which are no longer quite up to the mark. If so, that probably means you’ve already built yourself quite the complement of garden waste.

Depending on how much you’re dealing with, there are various options that you might be considering for getting rid of it – but for any sizeable amount, you’ll want a garden waste skip. Trust us – it saves you time, effort, and gives you peace of mind that everything in it will be recycled properly, with minimum impact on the environment.

Here at Skip Hire Network, that’s exactly what we’re dedicated to providing. When you hire a garden waste skip from us, you’ll have plenty of sizes to choose from, and we’re dedicated to making the entire process as easy and simple as possible. Plus, there are a couple more further benefits too!

Green skip hire is the best environmentally friendly option

Efficiently disposing of our waste while minimising environmental impact is a constant struggle for many of us at the moment. Happily, it’s a relatively easy job when it comes to garden waste, provided you’ve carefully chosen a green skip hire firm!

Of course, there are lots of people who prefer to simply burn their garden waste, but it’s far from the most desirable option. Many local authorities in the UK simply won’t allow it, and even the ones who do set strict guidelines. There are hefty fines (up to £5000!) if you get it wrong.

Skip Hire the best option for your garden waste

For example, you can’t burn domestic waste if it will cause pollution, or harm people’s health (certain types of garden waste can sometimes fall into this category). You can also be fined for lighting a fire if smoke reaches the road, and puts traffic at risk.

And then there’s the biggest problem with garden fires – lots of waste simply won’t burn. Grass, soil, rubble and green foliage will all refuse to burn properly, and will often emit thick smoke instead. What’s more, there are strict laws against using accelerants to try and make them burn.

When you take all that into account, using a backyard fire to get rid of your garden waste ends up involving a lot more effort and risk than it might seem at first. It’s one of the many reasons why it’s far safer and more environmentally friendly to use us, instead. With our in-house experience and expertise, we’re able to use our green skip hire service to recycle up to 100% of your garden waste, in line with environmental legislation.

A green waste skip is the easiest way to dispose of large volumes

Depending on the job at hand, you may find that you might not always need to hire a skip, and that your green bin will do instead. However, most councils only collect garden and green waste once every two weeks, which means that if you’re relying solely on your green bin, clearing large amounts of waste might end up taking you quite a while.

So while you can use your green bin for smaller amounts, if you’re going to try and dispose of larger volumes, it’s much easier to choose garden waste skip hire instead. It’s a much faster and more efficient alternative, allowing you to clear your garden waste in one go and get on with the job at hand – whether that’s tidying up your garden, doing a bit of landscaping, or making way for a conservatory, orangery, pond or summerhouse.

How much to hire a skip for garden waste

The cost of garden waste skip hire will be strongly influenced by exactly how much waste you’ve got to move. Chances are, though, you’ll need something between a 4 yard skip to an 8 yard skip, which means you’ll be paying between £70 to £150.

Which skip should you use for a garden clearance?

The price of skip hire depends on a lot of factors, but it’s also affected by exactly where you live in the country. While there’s not much you can do about that aspect in particular, you’ll be pleased to know that there are a couple of things you can do to take the edge off the price of your skip hire:

  • Choose a skip hire firm (like us!) with a wide range of skip hire sizes so you don’t go too big or small
  • Reduce the bulkiness of your garden waste before throwing it in your skip by chopping, snapping and folding any large items, then weighing them down with heavier waste. This will save space, enable you to hire a smaller skip, and help you avoid penalties for loading your skip too high.
  • Some garden waste can be used as compost. Cut grass and dead leaves, for example, can be bagged up and made into mulch for next year’s plants.
  • Logs can be sold – while homeowners in many parts of the country are required to use smokeless fuel, many people still have wood-burning fires or stoves. If you have large quantities of timber in your waste load, it’s worth seeing if you can find a buyer. A quick ad on a local community site – or even a sign in front of your house! – will usually do the trick.

You can learn more about reasons to choose Skip Hire Network here, or get started immediately and get an instant skip hire quote by entering a couple of details on our homepage. It couldn’t be simpler!