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Top tips to recycle at home

28th Feb, 2019

Recycling at home is something everyone can get used to doing. After a while, it just becomes second nature. Learning what is recyclable and what isn’t is easier to pick up and follow than you might think. Once you possess the right information, you’re all set. Also, remember if you have a large amount of recycling to do, you can hire a skip from our team here at the Skip Hire Network to save you a trip to a local recycling spot.

Here are some top tips on how to recycle successfully at home.

Establish a system of reminders

Set up a system to remind everyone in the household about recycling. An ad hoc recycling poster on the kitchen wall is one way to remind the kids (and the adults) not to forget about it. Hanging this up above the refuse bin is a great idea.

Another option that you may find helpful is to keep a special recycling container next to the main indoor rubbish bin. This reminds everyone about the choice to recycle. Talk with everyone at home about recycling. If you have kids, be sure to educate them about why it’s so important. For younger kids, consider a reward system for the “best young recycler of the month” to encourage and motivate them.

Plastic bottles are great for recycling

Many items in the home are made of softer plastic that is great to recycle. A plastic bottle that used to contain steak sauce, and that mouthwash bottle once it’s all been used up, are good examples. It’s not just disposable water bottles, though. Depending on the recycling facility, sometimes plastic Tupperware and their lids are also possible to break down.

Establish a fast system for your junk mail

If you’re like most of us, you hate the sight of junk mail stacking up. The best way to handle this is to process it as soon as it arrives. Just move through it rapidly and have a plastic bag ready to deposit all the paper waste. Then it can be taken out for recycling at a later time. No mess, no fuss.

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Cardboard is recyclable too

Cardboard boxes, like the ones that store cereal and cookies inside, can be recycled. They should be broken down by opening them up, tearing them apart and folding them down. Doing so removes a lot of clutter and prevents the boxes from taking up half the rubbish bin at the same time.

Unsure what’s recyclable? Check with your council

Local councils are keen on recycling. It’s efficient, good for the environment and reduces the amount of work their refuse collectors have to do. Each council has a different list of guidelines about what can and cannot be recycled. Check your local council’s information on recycling in the community to see what exceptions they have so you don’t try to recycle the wrong thing.

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