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The top 4 reasons why tradespeople choose Skip Hire Network

28th Aug, 2020

Waste is a regular part of life on site for many tradespeople in Britain, especially if you work in construction or a similar trade. The work can generate a wide range of waste, from building rubble and bricks to wood and soil. Some tradespeople simply hire a skip from the nearest supplier to each job site on every project, but that’s not always the easiest option. It’s not always the cheapest either! We’re dedicated to making the entire process as simple, straightforward and cost-effective as possible here at Skip Hire Network – here are the four main reasons so many tradespeople already choose us.

1) and 2) – Saves you time and hassle, and gets you the best price

When you’re working across several different sites over the space of a year, it can be a lot of hassle to have to find and source a skip from a local supplier each time. There’s also the fact that skip hire prices can vary in different areas of the country, which can sometimes make it hard to know whether you’re getting the best deal. Researching the closest local suppliers and weighing up their prices individually can all take a lot of time and legwork, and you’ve probably got enough on already without being bogged down in more admin.

That’s where our service is designed to save you a whole lot of time and hassle. There’s no need to identify and ring round different local suppliers – just enter your postcode into the homepage on our site, and you’ll have an instant online quote in no time at all. Not only will we make sure to connect you with our nearest local partner for maximum convenience, but we’ll also ensure that you’re getting the best price, no matter where you are.

3) Choose from the widest range of skip sizes

Almost every supplier will have a minimum of three or four skip sizes to choose from, including the famously versatile builder’s skip. But if an individual supplier is currently experiencing high demand, this can give you a very limited range of choice between skip sizes – which can sometimes end up causing annoying delays on the job if you’re not able to get the one you need.

At Skip Hire Network, our service is designed to let you do things the other way around. Rather than having to choose the best option from a limited range, we give you access to a comprehensive array of skip sizes. Once you’ve chosen the one you want, we’ll search our network of partners to see which ones are best positioned to provide it. This makes it far easier to get hold of the exact type of skip you need for the job, once again saving you a lot of time you might otherwise have had to spend sitting in front of the computer, or waiting on hold as you call round.

We can actually broker collection of any kind of waste – our service encompasses skip bags, confidential waste, or even a man-in-van if you need one. Whether you need to hire a skip or you’re in need of another type of waste container, you can count on us to help you get the job done.

Skip hire for your business - why pick us?

4) You can be sure we’ll dispose of your waste responsibly

We do more than just collect waste – we also make sure to recycle it as efficiently as possible, giving you peace of mind that you’ve fulfilled your environmental obligations. The construction industry is a particular area of focus for us, as it’s estimated that a third of waste found in landfill is generated by the sector. What’s more, between 10% and 15% of construction products are sent to landfill here in the UK without ever being used on site.

Our aim is to provide a green, ethical service that eliminates this sort of unnecessary waste. In fact, our ultimate goal is to recycle 100% of the waste that we receive.

Waste Trommel Line

And we’ve got one more extra bonus for you – when you hire a skip from us, you’ll also be helping charity! That’s all down to our being part of Recycling Lives, a national organisation known for the amazing work it does in helping vulnerable people in the UK get into permanent employment.

We’re proud to be directly involved in that mission here at Skip Hire Network. We support the Recycling Lives Charity as it trains and employs ex-offenders and formerly homeless people, through donations of time and resources.

You can find out more about how we support social causes over on the Recycling Lives website. Alternatively, if you’re ready to hire a skip immediately, just go straight to our homepage and enter your postcode to get started. It couldn’t be simpler!