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3 of the easiest ways to have an eco-friendly Christmas this year

27th Nov, 2018

Eco-friendliness is a hotter topic than ever, as you’ll probably already know from even a quick glance at lots of the headlines in 2018. And now that we’re coming to Christmas, lots of us are already thinking about how to minimise waste. There’s all sorts of potential sources – Christmas trees, gift wrap, cards are just a couple of things which can cause serious damage to the environment if they’re not disposed of properly. Of course, the easiest way of reducing festive waste is simple; it’s all about planning ahead. That way, you can effectively minimise the waste you dispose of when you hire a skip in the New Year. With that in mind, here are our top tips on helping you to have an eco-friendly Christmas!

Choose an even greener Christmas tree

As the festive season comes to an end and the New Year kicks in, we always end up asking ourselves the same question – what to do with the Christmas tree? There’s no shortage of options for disposing of your tree responsibly – find out how you can arrange for your tree to be collected and recycled, or for tips on how to recycle it yourself.

But it’s important to consider not only where your tree will end up, but also where it came from in the first place. If you’d like the reassurance that your tree has been grown sustainably in a way that doesn’t cause damage to the environment, keep an eye out for the FSC-certified logo when you’re shopping around. As well as this, trees certified by the Soil Association are guaranteed to be organic and free from pesticides.

christmas tree farm

If you’re planning on taking the old trusty artificial tree down from the attic for another year, that’s great! Don’t worry too much if it’s suffered some bumps or knocks in its time up there – minor damage or breakages can always be repaired. For example, if your tree stand is broken, it’s worth thinking about just sourcing a new stand instead of an entirely new tree. Or if you’re having some trouble with one of the branches, try taking some of the parts to a local DIY shop to see if they can find a new bracket or screw that will help to reaffix the broken branch.

Avoid unnecessary stocking fillers – get gifts they’ll enjoy!

Buying presents for kids is easy, but if adults want something, they often tend to buy it themselves. That often begs the question: what do you get for someone who already has everything they need? Well, consumables is one good bet. By buying them something simple but sweet, like “posh chocolates”, you can guarantee that they’re going to enjoy it, and that there’ll be nothing else left afterwards! That way you both avoid the scenario of cheap, mostly plastic gadgets with a mostly novelty use.

Alternatively, why not get crafty and gift something homemade? A homemade gift will not only save you money but will also carry more sentiment, and you can personalise it in a way you know your loved one will appreciate. Getting crafty and creative can also make you a friend to the environment, as it’s now easier than ever to source recycled craft supplies online.

Christmas Gift Cheques are also a fantastic option. Instead of investing in material goods, giving Christmas Gift Cheques lets your time be the gift. Your cheque could be redeemable for a nice day out, a home-cooked romantic meal or a short trip away which will allow you and your family to spend some quality time together.

Dealing with the gift wrap problem

Gift wrap is a famously tricky one, especially as there’s always quite so much of it to deal with. One of the major problems with it is that it’s often made with synthetic mixtures of materials, which makes certain types almost impossible to recycle. Although some councils will accept wrapping paper in household recycling bins, others won’t, and those who do may have restrictions on the type of paper they will accept, so it’s important to check with your local council before committing your excess gift wrap to the recycling box. For example, wrapping paper which contains non-paper additives such as dye, lamination, foils, glitter or plastics can’t be recycled. Plainer paper that passes the “scrunch test” is more likely to be accepted.

recycled gift wrap

To save yourself the trouble of trying to determine which papers are recyclable when you’re out shopping for your gift wrap, why not swap it out completely for something more sustainable? Using the pages of newspapers and magazines is a great alternative and these materials can be saved straight from your own recycling box. Or for something completely quirky you might want to try scarf folding. Using scarves to wrap your presents means you’ll be giving two gifts in one, and your gifts will each look unique, wonderful and bright beneath the Christmas tree!

Adopting even one or two of these tips can help you vastly cut down on the waste left over after Christmas, and here at Skip Hire Network, we’re always happy to help with whatever’s left! All it takes is a couple of minutes to get a free, instant online skip hire quote. Just enter your postcode on our homepage to see yours, and we’ll take it from there!