skip hire done right the things to bear in mind

Skip Hire Done Right: The Things To Bear In Mind

20th Mar, 2017

When hiring a skip, there are a few things it’s good to bear in mind. We know you’ve probably got a handle on most of them already, but it’s always worth reminding yourself of the key points – if you miss something, it could quickly lead to a lot of bother later on!

Where Are You Going To Put Your Skip?

 drive way

It sounds basic, but you’d be surprised at how many people gloss over this step! It’s not just about the space – it’s about the permissions involved. Ideally, you should own the land where you intend to put the skip. If you’ve been eyeing up that grassy verge a few yards in front of your front door, dot those I’s and cross those T’s by making sure it’s actually your property. If not, your neighbour might have something to say about it! Your driveway is a great place to put your skip, as you unquestionably own the land. (It’s also a good idea at this stage to check that you’ve got clear access to go back and forth to it without blocking anyone’s way.) If you don’t have the space on private property, all is far from lost – it just means you’ll just need a permit from the council to give you permission.

Have You Got The Right Size Skip For The Job?

choosing skip sizes

When it comes to skip hire, size matters. You’ll need a different size skip depending on what you’re doing – there’s nothing worse than running out of space mid-job when you’ve still got waste to get rid of. For smaller house clearances like kitchen or bathroom refits, you’ll probably find that our 4 to 6 yard skips will do the job. Accordingly, bigger or more industrial jobs will probably require a bigger skip. Fear not, though – we’ve got more details on our various skip sizes here, along with a few suggestions as to what kind of jobs each one is good for.

Is Your Skip Stacked Too High?

loading skip safely

This is both something to think of before the job starts, and something to keep an eye on as it’s progressing. If your skip is stacked too high, it poses a safety issue as it becomes unstable and dangerous. (For these reasons it’s also illegal, so that’s worth noting!) This also means that we then can’t take it, which causes logistical issues for both us and you. If in doubt, it’s always a good idea to scale up when hiring a skip – just to be on the safe side. As an extreme example, we’ve already once mentioned the person in South Wales who simply plonked their intact caravan precariously on top of their skip. In case you’re wondering; no, the skip hire company didn’t take it.

What’s Going In Your Skip?

sorting out waste

There are plenty of things you can put in your skip, but equally there’s some stuff that you can’t. Mostly this includes hazardous materials, and you might be able to work it out from context, but we’ve previously published this handy list to help you. Think about recycling, too, and what sort of stuff you can save. Not only is this better for the environment, but you might even be able to earn a bit of dosh from it. For example, it’s possible that a startup company are happy to pay you a bit of cash for that intact office chair you were going to throw away. You know the saying – waste not…!

When it comes to all things to do with skip hire, Skip Hire Network are the people you want sorting things for you. Get a quick quote today for an easy, hassle free service – all we need is a few basic details from you, and then we’re away!

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