how can I get rid of items I can't put in a skip

How Can I Get Rid Of Items I Can’t Put In A Skip?

9th Mar, 2017

While skip hire is great for disposing of commercial and household waste, there are some things that you can’t get rid of quite so easily. But for when hiring a skip won’t do the job, don’t despair – for there are still ways to get rid of the less suitable waste you might have kicking around.

Getting Rid Of Vehicle Waste

waste car tyres

One of the biggest disposal jobs the average Joe might find themselves faced with is the correct disposal of certain car components. Car batteries are prime examples of hazardous waste materials. They contain acid, lead, and a variety of other nasties that are just as bad for the environment as they are for humans. For that reason, they require a bit of careful treatment. Although they can’t be put in a skip, they can be often be recycled at your local recycling centre or scrap metal facility. Surprisingly enough, local garages are other frequent candidates for car battery disposal, so it might be worth a word in their ear next time you’re there. Same goes for tyres – they’re not fantastic for the environment because of the double whammy of leaking chemicals and being an active fire hazard. Once again the garages or local recycling centres are the way to go.

Disposing Of Medical Waste

medical waste

Whether someone’s caring for themselves or has a private nurse in attendance, care must be taken around medical waste, as it’s amongst some of the other things you can’t dispose of with skip hire. Needles especially shouldn’t be disposed of in skips or other general waste receptacles, because they pose a risk to the handlers in the waste management facilities. Instead, you can get a ‘sharps’ bin on prescription from your doctor, whom you can return the bin to once it gets full, and they’ll take care of the rest. Similarly, pharmaceutical waste should be returned your pharmacist, who will ensure that it’s disposed of in a safe and responsible manner. If this is problematic for any reason, you might be happy to hear there’s yet another option – local councils and authorities have an obligation to collect medical waste when notified. They may levy a minor charge on collection, but it’s better that than letting some poor soul in a recycling facility accidentally stick themselves with a needle of unknown origin, wouldn’t you say?

Safe Disposal Of Electronic Waste

 electronic waste

Here’s one that almost all of us are going to find ourselves dealing with at some point, whether we’re moving house or if the device in question has just reached the end of its life. Electronic waste encompasses TVs, computer monitors, fridges, freezers and washing machines. They contain horrible stuff like toxic chemicals and mercury, and have an awkward habit of poisoning people and animals if not disposed of properly. Instead, you should get rid of them at your nearest Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling centre, which specialises in this sort of waste. You can find your nearest one with a quick Google, or by contacting your local recycling centre or council authority. Trust us, you’ll never be too far from one.

Happily, it generally doesn’t take too guesswork to work out what you can and can’t dispose of in a skip. As well as a post on what you can’t get rid of, we’ve also got information on what you definitely can put in a skip. Or, if you’re raring to go, you can enter your postcode onto our homepage and hire a skip today.

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