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Can You Put Furniture In A Skip?

24th Mar, 2017

In short: yes.

Now, we’re aware this could have been a very brief blog, but bear with us! In many cases, skips are the perfect way to dispose of old furniture, since obviously they’re too bulky to pop in the black bin outside. But having said that, getting rid of it should usually be a very last resort – you might be surprised at how many people would still be interested in that old sofa of yours.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Furniture

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We live in a golden age of green initiatives. Not only are we becoming vastly more environmentally friendly as a society, but also the internet age is making it easier than ever to find homes for our old belongings before we start looking to hire a skip. It’s also important not to forget those ever-reliable organisations who are always happy to take a look at what you’ve got. The British Heart Foundation is just one such group, and you get the added bonus of extra feel-good vibes when you donate to them. Not only are you helping cut down on unnecessary landfill, but also helping further the fight against heart disease!

Meanwhile, websites like Gumtree and Freecycle are devoted almost solely to just that – getting rid of your old furniture without haggling over payment or other arrangements. Most people looking out for furniture will generally be expecting to collect it themselves, too, so you won’t even have to worry about transporting it to its new owner.

If your furniture is in relatively good condition, you might even consider selling it. In circumstances like these, it can be well worth the time to give it a quick lick of paint, or even get it cleaned or repaired professionally. Sure it might be a little tight on the wallet, but it might literally pay dividends in the long run.

When All Else Fails, Skip Hire Is The Answer

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Of course, sometimes you might not even be able to give your furniture away. Stains can be bleached and marks cleaned away, but if the frame is irreparably broken, it might be tricky to find a new home for it. Hiring a skip is definitely well worth your time in such cases. While you’re at it, it might even be an idea to have a minor clear out at home. You can get rid of those old or broken bits and pieces you have hanging around the place, and get better value out of your skip at the same time.

Sometimes, what to put in a skip can come down to common sense – for example, waste chemicals, clinical waste or engine oil are all on the list entitled ‘Nope’. In fairness though, sometimes the lines aren’t quite as clear cut . Televisions, toasters and microwaves are three examples of things that definitely shouldn’t be in skips, but often are.

Don’t worry though, we’re here to help out – we’ve even written an entire blog to show you what you can and can’t put in a skip. If you’ve already got yourself organised, you can head straight to our homepage to enter your postcode and phone number to hire a skip today.

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