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Where is the skip going to?

Simple skip hire in and around Warwickshire, including Warwick.

Skip Hire Network is the leading skip hire and commercial waste management service in Warwick. Our network of fully authorised and environmentally friendly skip hire providers in Warwick and the surrounding Warwickshire area will offer you the best price for your skip hire.

Read below to find out how, or simply enter your postcode to see instant quotes in the Warwick area of Warwickshire.

Skip prices in Warwick, Warwickshire...

at Skip hire network we pride ourselves on our massive collection of partners throughout the UK, including Warwick. Having this vast amount of participating service providers in Warwick and the surrounding Warwickshire area allows us to offer the best prices for skips. Skip hire network's service in Warwick makes use of Warwick skip hire providers, as well as Warwick trade services, meaning that not only are our skip hire prices in Warwick and Warwickshire the lowest, they're also the most reliable, and ultimately go towards local Warwick or Warwickshire businesses.

Recycling waste, and lives, in Warwick and the Warwickshire area.

Within Warwick and Warwickshire, Skip Hire Network and its' partners work together not only to achieve the best possible recycling rates and highest quality of waste management, but also to help invigorate and inspire change.

Skip Hire Network is a part of the Recycling Lives' Queens' award winning commercial recycling group - which helps to fund the Recycling Lives charity. You can read more about Recycling Live's work and impact in your area here.

Commercial waste management Warwick.

Warwick is a hotspot of budding and established businesses within the Warwickshire area. That's why we strive to offer the best prices and most reliable waste management services possible, giving you complete peace of mind when choosing Skip Hire Network as your business or commercial waste management service.

Skip Hire Network has worked for some of the countrys' largest businesses, including Vodafone, United Utilities and Forest Holidays, so if you're looking for an affordable & trustworthy waste management solution in Warwick or the Warwickshire area, you've come to the right people.

More about skip hire in Warwick...

If you'd like to learn more about the process, how it works, what we take, or any other commonly asked questions - please take a look through our help section, and if you can't find your question, feel free to contact us on 0300 100 0028.

Postcodes we cover within Warwick and the surrounding Warwickshire area:
To name a few, we cover the postcode(s). Feel free to get a quote now if you're in one of these areas, and even if we've accidentally missed yours!

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Skip Sizes

Find out more about our different skip sizes available
Large Bin Bags
4 yard skip
4 Yard Skip
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6 Yard Skip
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8 Yard Skip

Why Choose Skip Hire Network?

  • Great service
  • Responsible recycling
  • Cost effective
  • Hassle free
  • Peace of mind
  • 100% recycle rate

How it works

At Skip Hire Network, we know how frustrating it can be looking for the cheapest skip hire. You've got better things to do. That's why, knowing the industry like we do, we have created a 'hands off' online skip hire service for busy people like you.

To get started, just choose your preferred skip size - we've got everything from 4 to 40 yards. Then, head over to our homepage and enter your postcode, this will let us know which area we've got to search to find you the best price. You can then pick.

How it works

Items allowed in your skip:

Skip hire for soft furnishings Soft Furnishings
Skip hire for wood Wood
Skip hire for hard furnishings Hard Furniture
Skip hire for general waste General Waste
Skip hire for building waste Building Waste
Skip hire for garden waste Garden Waste

Items Not allowed:

  • WEEE (Electrical)
  • Fridges, etc.
  • Plasterboard
  • Asbestos
  • Televisions
  • Explosives
  • Motor oils
  • Gas canisters
  • Aerosols
  • Solvents
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Helping the community and the environment

We are proud to be partners with Recycling Lives UK, an established charity that helps people and communities in the UK. As part of our work with them, we train and employ disadvantaged people in the North West who've found themselves in difficult circumstances. We also support the charity through donations of time and resources.

In addition to this, we're also committed to helping the environment as much as we can. Our total waste management system means we can recycle a variety of waste streams, far beyond just plastic and paper. This dedication to protecting our planet is just one of the reasons why residents looking for skip hire in Warwick choose us.

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Commercial Waste Management in Warwick

If you're a business looking for commercial waste management, then Skip Hire Network can help. We're experienced in helping big and small businesses dispose of their waste in an environmentally friendly manner. We understand that as a business you've got a duty of care to ensure you're being responsible in terms of waste disposal. By working wth us, you're upholding your responsibilities, as we only dispose of waste at official recycling centres.

Commercial Waste Management

Get Your Quote Today!

Ready to get started? It couldn't be simpler. Just request a quote be entering a few details on our website.

Once we have your info, we can contact Warwick skip hire businesses to see what the best deal looks like. We won't stop our search until we're confident we've found you the cheapest company. We'll then contact you to discuss the best delivery date that fits in with your schedule.

We have a welcoming customer care team who are happy to help you if you've got any questions or queries. If you're based elsewhere, then take a look at our other locations page to see which areas we serve.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I put in a skip? / What can't I put in a skip?

You can get rid of a pretty wide range of stuff using a skip, but certain items are restricted because of the risks they pose to human or environmental health. You can find a comprehensive list of what can and can't go in a skip just below.

What can go in a skip:

• Bricks
• Building rubble
• Domestic waste, food and food packaging
• Furniture
• Furnishings
• Fittings (non-electrical)
• Foliage
• Gas cookers
• Hard core
• Metal
• Plastic
• Packaging, including cardboard, plastics, polystyrene
• Soil (that's not been contaminated with asbestos or oil)
• Solidified paint
• Wood

What can't go in a skip:

• Air conditioning units
• Asbestos
• Batteries
• Clinical and medical waste, such as dressings and syringes
• Electrical equipment and appliances (WEEE)
• Fluorescent tubes
• Fridges / freezers
• Gas bottles & cylinders
• Hazardous and toxic materials
• Liquids
• Mattresses
• Paint/paint tins
• Plasterboard
• Oil / petrol / diesel
• Solvents
• Toxic waste
• TVs / computer screens
• Tyres

And we should say: whatever you're planning on putting in a skip, it's important to make sure that you don't overfill it. That means the waste can't be piled higher than the side walls of the skip - any more than that, and the skip can become too heavy to be safely handled. This often means that your provider will refuse to take it, which generally means you've then got the unpleasant job of getting in there and having to dig some of it out again.

Where can I put my skip?

You can place your skip anywhere on your own private property. Most people simply use their driveways. However, it's worth making sure that your own driveway is up to the job, as the weight of a heavy skip - especially when it's full - has been known to damage vulnerable or expensive paving stones.

Can you put a skip on the road?

A skip can be placed on a public road, but only as long as you've got a valid skip hire permit from your local council. The costs for permits vary from area to area, so you'll need to take that into account when you're working out your overall skip hire cost.

Even with a valid skip hire permit, your skip can't cause any obstruction or access issue for others. That means you still can't place your skip on a pavement, as you're liable to get fined quite heavily if you do.

You also can't block any entrances or exits to driveways and properties, unless explicit permission has been granted by the owners. Your skip can't cover any utility access points, such as manhole covers, and generally speaking you can't place it within 15 metres of a junction.

If you're planning on placing your skip on double-yellow lines, or in a pay-and-display bay or other type of restricted parking space, you'll need a parking suspension or parking permit.

Do I need a permit for a skip?

You'll need a skip hire permit if you plan on putting it on a public highway or road, or anywhere that's not your own private land. You can get a permit from your local council, and they're normally valid from anywhere between one week to a full month.

The costs will vary depending on where you live. For example, it will be significantly more expensive to get a skip hire permit in a major city like London or Bristol than it would be in a smaller town like Blackburn or Oldham.

If your skip will be placed in a car park or restricted parking area - such as a residents' parking area, commercial car park or double-yellow lines - you'll also need a parking suspension in addition to your skip hire permit, so you'll need to factor that into the overall cost of your skip.

How much does a skip cost?

This depends on where you are, what size of skip you're hiring, and how long you're planning on hiring it for. One of the most popular types of skip is an 8 yard builder's skip, which generally costs between £200 and £250, and holds between 80 and 90 rubbish bags.

We have a range of skip sizes right here at Skip Hire Network. The smallest of these is a 4 yard skip, with prices starting at £70 - the very definition of cheap skip hire!

Moving gradually up the scale, the price for hiring a 6 yard skip starts at about £90, whereas prices for 8 yard skips, as we've covered briefly above, start from about £200. This goes all the way up to a massive 40 yard skip, with prices starting at £440. However, it's worth noting that most of our customers won't need a skip this large, as it's mainly used to get rid of exceptionally large volumes of waste.

There are a couple of factors which affect the cost of skip hire in the UK, including:

• Where you live (some places are more expensive than others)
• How long you intend to hire the skip
• Who you choose to hire the skip from
• Whether or not you need a skip hire permit or parking suspension

What size skip do I need?

That largely depends on your individual circumstances, but we tend to find that an 8 yard builder's skip is more than adequate for most of our customers. It's a highly versatile skip that's spacious enough to accommodate substantial amounts of domestic and commercial waste, but also compact enough to fit on most driveways and other areas of private land. (That helps you save money on skip hire permits!)

What types of skips are there?

Various companies in the UK have varying definitions, but skips generally come in four main types; mini, midi, small builder's skip, large builders skip, and large maxi skip.

• Mini skips is the term used to refer to the very smallest size of skip, generally between 2 yards and 3 yards.
• Midi skips are the next size up from mini skips, measuring in at 4 yards to 6 yards.
• Small builder's skips are the most popular and versatile types of skip, and generally measure between 6 and 8 yards.
• Large builder's skips are popular for commercial businesses, and have decent capacity for bulky builders waste. They measure between 8 and 12 yards.
• Large maxi builder's skips are exactly what you need if you've got a massive pile of household or commercial waste, and you want it gone. They measure between 14 yards to a staggering 40 yards, so there's very little they can't handle!

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