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What’s the real cost of hiring a skip?

25th Nov, 2016

When you’re factoring container or skip hire cost into your project, it’s important to have a clear idea of the kinds of figures you’re going to be looking at. In this blog post, we’re taking a look at skip hire costs – not just the basics, but any extras you might encounter.

Skip Hire: Cost Per Size

It kind of goes without saying that, the bigger the skip or container you hire, the bigger the price tag. The reasons for this are pretty straightforward:

  • Quite simply, it’s a bigger product with more space
  • We drop your skip off, so we need to account for transport costs
  • We process and recycle your waste – more waste takes more work

Take a look at our range of skip sizes – we’ve got everything from small skips for domestic work to extra large containers for whole house clearances and commercial projects.

Extra cost for extra time

Most skip hire companies will be happy to let you have the skip for longer than the standard duration, but this extra time does usually come at an extra cost (again, pretty straightforward).

Our skip hire costs are set by size, but extra time is charged at a standard fee of £10 + VAT, making it an affordable option if your project is set to run on.

Dodgy dealers

One cost people tend not to account for when hiring a skip is what it’ll cost if you choose a dodgy dealer. While it can be tempting to save money and opt for a skip supplier who’s charging far less than others, it’s worth asking yourself how they’re managing it.

At Skip Hire Network, we operate on a totally transparent basis (great news especially for our commercial skip hire clients) so we can prove your waste has been processed properly. Dodgy dealers, while cheap, may just be dumping your waste. And if it’s found, that may well come back to you with a hefty fine.

Money off for metal loads

We’ve talked a lot about costs – standard and extra – but it’s worth mentioning this little goodie: if your skip load is likely to be predominantly or exclusively metal, whether that’s in sheet or appliance form, it’s worth getting in touch with us to see if we can offer you a lower rate for your skip hire cost.

As detailed above, we set out prices partly on what it’ll cost us to process the amount of waste we collect from you – hence bigger skips costing more. But if we can regain some of that cost from the materials we collect, we could pass some savings on to you.

Contact us today to get a free quote – our friendly team will be happy to talk through your requirements and advise you on the best skip hire solution for your project.

Want to know more about our skip hire costs? Take a look at our range of skip hire sizes to see which suits your project.