Why Skip Hire Is More Cost-Effective Than You Think

Why Skip Hire Is More Cost-Effective Than You Think

21st Nov, 2016

Whether you’re a home-owner or a business owner, you’re likely to deal with large quantities of waste material at some point – whether that’s every week or just once every couple of years. Either way, one thing’s for certain: you have a legal responsibility to dispose of the waste properly.

Skip hire can seem like an expensive option on the face of things, and there are plenty of sole traders out there offering to take your waste at half the price. But, once you stop to consider, there’s really no better alternative! Allow us to explain…

Here’s just a few of the ways that skip hire can save you money:

  1. It’s more efficient.
  2. Skip-sharing can make it easier on your wallet.
  3. It saves you time and resources (such as petrol money).
  4. You can negotiate discounts for your waste.
  5. Fly-tipping can bring hefty fines.

Want to hear more on the best tips to save you a bit of cash when hiring a skip? Then read on!

You can get rid of loads of waste at once

skip on a construction site

Skip hire is a good way to get rid of large quantities of waste at once, so it’s a good idea to carry out a few jobs at one time and hire a larger skip – skips and containers are actually more economical, the larger you go.

If you don’t have enough waste to fill a large skip, or you’re worried about costs, why not ask around your neighbours and see if anyone else has waste to dispose of? There’s bound to be someone ready for a clear-out, and splitting a skip – and the associated costs – means you can get rid of loads of waste at once without paying over the odds.

You save valuable time


When considering forking out for skip hire, one thing a lot of people forget is how much their time is worth. You can either hop online and hire a skip quickly and easily, and get rid of all that junk in one go, or you can schedule in multiple trips to the tip, loading and unloading your car every time.

Then there’s a petrol to think about, the time it takes you to get there, the fact that you may well have sort your waste items once you’ve arrived…Being able to chuck it all in a tip that someone else will drop off and collect saves you time and a lot of hassle.

You steer clear of illegal fly-tippers

metal scrap

A lot of us search online for the things we need, and this includes skip hire services. And you’ll notice there are a lot of companies out there, all offering to take your waste away – some for barely more than a few quid.

Reputable skip hire costs money. Why? Because:

  • We drop off and collect your skip
  • We segregate and dispose of your waste in line with environmental laws
  • We train our staff to handle waste safely and legally

You can guarantee that – if someone’s cutting costs – they’re cutting standards somewhere. And if it turns out they’re making a few quid by taking your rubbish and dumping it, you’re the one who’ll be facing a hefty fine at the end of it.

You can cut the cost of skip hire with a few simple steps

If you’re looking into skip hire but are worried about the cost, it’s good to remember that there are a number of easy ways to keep your costs to a minimum:

  • Reduce your waste: plan projects carefully to avoid excess materials; for projects like house clearances, donate whatever you can and sell other items online.
  • Combine your jobs: carry out several jobs at once, or see if there’s anyone in your local area who can skip-share with you.
  • Keep your waste as compact as possible: whatever you have to throw in your skip, try and keep it as compact as possible. Break and squash materials at the bottom, and weigh them down with heavier items at the top.
  • Negotiate discounts for all- and mostly-metal loads: if you’re throwing away large quantities of waste metal, such as large metal appliances, you may be able to get a discount. It’s worth asking!

Looking for reputable skip hire at affordable prices? We’ve got a wide range of skip sizes, so take a look now!