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What Is A Waste Transfer Note?

31st Mar, 2017

Like all responsible waste disposal companies, when we collect any amount of waste from you, we’ll give you a waste transfer note. This is true whether you’re a business or homeowner – the law says that every transfer of waste has to be covered by appropriate documentation, and a waste transfer note is exactly that.

What Is A Waste Transfer Note?

To explain it in a nutshell, it’s a required document in waste disposal that basically covers both you and us from a legal point of view. Waste transfer notes are used to establish the paper trail of large amounts of waste, so that the government can more easily trace and crack down on those who dispose of it illegally or irresponsibly – like flytippers, for example. Both us here at Skip Hire Network and you – the folks hiring a skip – have a legal responsibility to make sure the waste is being disposed of responsibly, and a WTN is proof that we’re all fulfilling our duties. Simple, really!

What Does A Waste Transfer Note Contain?

Waste transfer notes

One of the weird things about waste transfer notes is that despite the fact they’re mandatory, there’s no standard format for them. This means that varying waste disposal companies tend to have their own versions, and at Skip Hire Network, we’re no exception! Format aside, though, every WTN has to contain the same information for legal purposes. Like all kosher WTNs, ours include:

  • A quick description of the waste in question
  • A bit of info on how it’s contained – so essentially whether it’s in a sack, cardboard box, that sort of thing
  • The amount of waste in question (how many sacks/containers we’re talking)
  • The correct European Waste Catalogue Code
  • A Standard Industrial Classification code
  • A tick box that acknowledges the waste hierarchy (making sure nothing’s thrown away that doesn’t absolutely need to be)
  • A bit of basic information about the producer of the waste – that’s you
  • A bit of basic information about the registered carrier of the waste – that’s us
  • The address, date and time of the transfer

If that sounds like a lot, you don’t necessarily have to fill this out every time you hire a skip. You can get ‘season ticket’ WTNs that cover you for up to 12 months, so you don’t have to stand there copying out the same information time after time.

WTNs Ensure Safe, Easy and Responsible Skip Hire

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The government are rightfully serious about paper trails when it comes to waste disposal. It’s illegal for anyone (including us at Skip Hire Network) to collect commercial or non-hazardous waste without a full waste transfer note.

Like most companies, though, we’ll draw it up and handle all the legal side of it. To ensure that you’re sticking to the law, all you have to do is fill it in. After all, just by choosing us you know that all of your waste is being disposed of responsibly, and in an environmentally friendly manner. You can click here for other reasons to choose Skip Hire Network, or go straight to our homepage to enter your postcode and phone number and get straight to hiring a skip today!

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