Skip Hire the best option for your garden waste

Skip Hire: the best option for your garden waste

11th Nov, 2016

When it comes to clearing garden and green waste, skip hire services get a bad rap – hiring a skip for your garden or landscaping work is seen as a pricey option when, in fact, it’s anything but. Here’s just a few very good reasons that skip hire is the best option for getting rid of your garden waste…

It’s cheaper than a man and van service

While a man and van service might seem like a tempting option, it’s important to remember that you’ll be paying twice if you do decide to go down that route: once for the labour costs and once for the amount of waste you need removing.

Skip hire is an affordable alternative, and not much more hassle if you hire from us – we’ll drop the skip right to your door and pick it up again once you’re done, recycling up to 100% of the waste in line with all the latest environmental legislation.

It’s quicker than filling…and refilling your green bin!

It’s not your imagination – those little green bins seem to be getting smaller every year, which means less room for your garden waste. Plus, most councils now only collect garden and green waste every two weeks, which means that clearing any large amounts of waste from your garden is going to take you a long, long, lo-o-o-o-ong time.

Skip hire is a fast and efficient alternative, allowing you to clear all your waste in one go and get on with the job at hand, whether that’s tidying up your garden, changing things up with a bit of landscaping, or making way for a conservatory, orangery, pond or summerhouse.

It’s eco-friendlier than a garden fire

Garden fires are sometimes allowed by most UK councils, but it’s not quite that simple – there are guidelines you have to stick to, and hefty fines (up to £5000!) if you get it wrong.

  • You can’t burn domestic waste if it will cause pollution or harm people’s health
  • You can be fined for lighting a fire if the smoke reaches a road and puts traffic at risk
  • If you have bonfires too frequently and your neighbour complains, you can be fined

The Government also specifically recommends either composting or recycling your garden waste before attempting to burn it, as much garden and green waste will only smoke, not burn.

Grass, soil, rubble and green foliage, for example, will not burn – and you must never attempt to use an accelerant to help set them on fire.

There are ways to make savings

If you’re looking at skip hire for your garden waste but you’re worried about how much it might cost, there are a few simple ways to make sure you don’t pay over the odds:

  • Choose a skip hire firm with a wide range of skip hire sizes so you don’t go too big or small
  • Reduce the bulkiness of your garden waste before throwing it in your skip by chopping, snapping and folding any large items, then weighing them down with heavier waste. This will save space, enable you to hire a smaller skip, and help you avoid penalties for loading your skip too high.
  • Some garden waste can be used as compost – cut grass and dead leaves, for example, can be bagged up and made into mulch for next year’s plants.
  • Logs can be sold – while homeowners in many parts of the country are required to use smokeless fuel, many people still have wood-burning fires or stoves. If you have large quantities of timber in your waste load,  it’s worth seeing if you can find a buyer: a quick ad on a local community site – or even a sign in front of your house! – will usually do the trick.

Hire a skip for your garden clearance today: we’ve got loads of skip hire sizes to choose from, and it’s cheaper than you think!