4 Yard Skips (Midi Skips) Size Guide

14th Aug, 2018

Essentially, a 4 yard skip is one of the smallest sizes of skip we offer here at Skip Hire Network, and amongst the most popular. Some people might refer to a 4 yard skip as a midi skip. Below, we’ve put together a quick guide full of all the information you could ever want to know about 4 yard skips. Here’s what we’ll be covering:

What is a 4 yard skip?

Now, you may think it sounds like an obvious question, but bear with us! You might find that an average 4 yard skip is referred to by a lot of different names, depending on who you’re hiring it from. We refer to ours simply as 4 yard skips, but we’ve also seen other companies describe theirs as:

  • small skips
  • midi skips

Midi skips is the most common category for 4 yard skips, but there are very few hard and fast rules. That’s mostly why we avoid names for ours, preferring to use their measurements instead. We think it avoids confusion!

Quick tip on hiring a 4 yard skip:

If you’re hiring a skip in a hurry, it can even be easy to trip yourself up on the measurements! The 4 yards term refers to its capacity, not its length. The length of a 4 yard skip is actually only 6 feet, or 2 yards. Before you hire your skip, make sure you’re clear on what its measurements are referring to, otherwise you might find yourself having to hire another!

How much does a 4 yard skip cost?

Generally, 4 yard skips are amongst the cheapest skips to hire, with prices usually ranging from between £70 to £140. Why so much difference in price? Well, the price of skip hire can vary dramatically depending on a number of factors.

You can find full details on this on our skip hire prices page, but a few of the major factors are:

  • Where you live in the UK (some locations are more expensive than others)
  • How long you’re hiring the skip for
  • Who you’re hiring the skip from
  • Whether or not you need a skip hire permit

If you’re considering hiring a 4 yard skip from another company, make sure to find out whether the price they’re quoting you includes the VAT on a skip. Not every company makes that immediately obvious, which can sometimes mean a nasty surprise later on! If you come across an exceptionally low quote, it’s worth asking if it’s including the VAT, as not every company accounts for this in their initial price!

How long can I hire a 4 yard skip for?

Again, this varies between skip hire companies, so it’s definitely a factor that’s worth double-checking before you pay for your skip. Here at Skip Hire Network, our typical hire period is 14 days. However, in some cases we can extend this period if you need us to. Just make sure to let us know in plenty of good time!

How big is a 4 yard skip?

The size of your skip is about more than just its capacity. Small skips like the 4-yard skip are also generally easier to accommodate in your driveway or garden, which can handily save you a bit of money on skip hire permits.

If you’re wondering how big a 4 yard skip is in metres, we’re way ahead of you – our table of dimensions below covers both imperial and metric!









4 yards3






How much will a 4 yard skip hold?

As a general rule of thumb, a midi skip like our 4 yard skip will hold between 30-40 bin bags, or about 12 wheelie bins worth of waste. If you like, you can think of it as the same amount of waste you’d roughly be able to fit in a modestly small car, like a mini. Obviously it’s difficult to give a more precise answer, as it depends on what you plan to put in it. Large chunky waste like bricks and masonry are going to fill it up faster than more compact items like garden waste.

What jobs should a 4 yard skip be used for?

Ideally, 4 yard skips are best used for small domestic clearances or small maintenance jobs, from minor kitchen and bathroom refits to garden clearance. Common renovation projects that 4 yard skips tend to be used for include:

  • Home clear-outs
  • Relatively big spring-cleaning jobs
  • Garden refurbishments
  • Bedroom or bathroom upgrades and redesigns
  • Shed or storage clearance
  • Small tree removal

Most of these jobs are just about too big for normal wheelie bins to handle, but might not need the sort of capacity that our 6 or 8 yard skips might provide. 4 yard skips bridge that gap perfectly – which goes some way to explaining why they’re so popular with so many of our business and domestic customers alike.

What can I put into a 4 yard skip?

You can safely dispose of the following items in one of our skips:

Garden waste

  • Foliage
  • Tree branches
  • Soil (as long as it’s not contaminated with asbestos or oil)
  • Wood

Building waste

  • Bricks
  • Building rubble
  • Hard core
  • Metal
  • Plastic

Household waste

  • Domestic waste like food and packaging
  • Furniture
  • Furnishings
  • Fittings (non electrical)
  • Gas cookers
  • Packaging (like cardboard, plastics, polystyrene)
  • Solidified paint

To find out what you can’t put in one of our skips, you can read our blog post about what can’t go in a skip.

Will I need a skip hire permit for a 4 yard skip?

If you’ve got any room on your private land (such as your garden or driveway), you won’t need a skip hire permit for one of our 4 yard skips. However, if you don’t have any private land of your own – for example if you live in a flat – you’ll probably need to put your skip on public land, such as a public road. In that case, you’ll need a skip hire permit from your local council, and possibly even a parking suspension too.

Like the prices of skips, the price of skip hire permits can vary depending on where you live in the UK. For more details on skip hire permits, just head on over to our skip hire prices page.

Where can I hire a 4 yard skip?

Right here from us, at Skip Hire Network! It’s easy – we’ve stripped back our processes to the bare bones, so that it’s never been simpler and faster to hire your skip. Just type in your postcode and phone number into the fields on our homepage, and we’ll send you your instant skip hire quote. So then… ready to get started?