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Moving Swiftly On: How Skip Hire Can Benefit Your Office Move

23rd Jan, 2017

Moving office is a big decision – and once that decision has been made you’ll want everything to go as smoothly as possible. Whether your company is a newer, smaller operation or a more established presence in the marketplace, almost all office waste tends to be of the larger bulkier kind, making a skip especially well suited to the job. Here, we take a look at how skip hire can help make moving office that much easier for you.

Taking Stock, Starting Over

Office items ready to move

Moving office presents a new chapter in your organisation’s history, which makes it a good opportunity to take stock of the stuff you’re moving. It’s often easier to make these decisions quickly and then fold the cost of replacements into the general cost of the move, rather than have a small but continuous flow of money still leaving your corporate bank accounts for weeks after the move.

What’s more, in any move organisation is crucial. Instead of putting things in two separate piles – to keep and to throw away – it’s far easier to hire a skip and have a ready-made container for any rubbish, rather than have it hanging about and risk confusion with the items to keep. In short: if it’s not in the skip, people know not to throw it away.

Out With The Old…

Broken office chairs

Be ruthless with things. Unlike a home, which generally tends to have a balance between functional and sentimental items, offices are far more weighted purely towards the practical side. Desk ornaments are great, but if they’re getting in the way when you’re answering the phone, it might be best to get rid of them.

You can also take the opportunity to throw out any appliances that are substandard, or just don’t work at all; for example cracked monitors, chipped mugs, or even printers that no-one wants to admit are completely broken. No matter the business, electronic waste is always make up a large proportion of any office’s refuse – we’ve recently posted about some of the best ways to dispose of electronic products.

…And In With The New

People in a new office

Furniture, too, is another important factor in any office move. Maybe you’ve been meaning to replace those knackered office chairs for ages – but now is a prime time to do it! The comfort and happiness of your employees has long been shown to have a demonstrable effect on productivity, so if your employees are uncomfortable on worn-out furniture, it could be affecting your business in a very real way. Take the opportunity to examine chairs, tables and sofas properly, and make a firm decision on whether or not they make the cut. After all, who knows – it might cost less to buy new chairs than it would to move old ones.

As a final tip; as well as throwing away anything that you don’t need, it’s always a good idea to make copies of things that you do – just in case. Important physical documents can be photocopied in the run-up to the move to ensure that they’re not lost in transition.

You’ll want to hire a skip of sufficient size, which will depend on the size of your business. You can click here for information on the different sizes of skip available, or enter your postcode and phone number on our website, and get started immediately!

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