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Why Your Business Should Be Managing Waste Responsibly

30th Jan, 2017

Prudent skip hire is a crucial part of effective waste efficiency. And in today’s modern age, being waste efficient is a pivotal factor in public perception of your brand. But being environmentally responsible is far from a burden – in fact, there are tons of benefits that being socially responsible can net you: not only an increase in engagement from customers, but also more enthusiasm from your own employees and, ultimately, a positive impact on your bottom line.

Building Your Brand With The Public

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Being in the skip hire business means that we make it our jobs to know not only the waste disposal industry, but also the changing public attitudes to it. And boy, have they been changing. As long ago as 2014, a study found that “55% of their respondents across the globe were willing to pay more for products and services provided by companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact”. That’s a figure that can’t be ignored! Essentially, worldwide environmental attitudes are getting steadily more progressive on the whole, and personal beliefs are now influencing purchases more often than ever. After all, if you consider yourself to be environmentally responsible, it would be a betrayal of your personal values if you knowingly bought from a company who wasn’t. So people in turn are buying from companies that they feel are reflecting such personal values. That ultimately means that companies who are more environmentally responsible are generally enjoying greater success than those who aren’t, period.

What’s more, there’s the old business adage “people don’t buy from companies – people buy from people”. Once again, that’s more true now than ever. Customers are always going to be keener on the idea of buying from fellow, compassionate human beings, rather than faceless corporations who don’t care for the damage they do. Being environmentally responsible is a huge factor in building that image amongst your customers. Millennials (young people between 21 – 34) are a particular demographic who have grown up amongst these changing attitudes, resulting in a huge section of the market likely to let their personal beliefs influence their buying decisions.

Helping To Streamline Your Business

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Much of what we’ve just said applies to not only customers, but employees too. They feel more enthusiastic – and therefore more productive – in their jobs if they feel they’re working for a company that makes a positive impact. Conversely, if they know their employer causes problems on an environmental level, it can make them feel depressed to know they’re a small part of that problem, which makes them therefore less devoted to their jobs.

There are other bonuses to prudent waste management. Recycling can help your business become more efficient by saving costs on brand new items, and getting the maximum amount of usage from your appliances and furniture. And when the time comes to finally, properly get rid of them, hiring a skip means that you can get rid of all your waste in one go, rather than the cost and hassle of throwing out large items (like office chairs) one at a time.

Looking to improve your waste efficiency? We’ve published a blog on how to do just that – or, you can read about the best ways to save on waste when moving offices. Of course, if you’re already set to go, you just have to enter your details on our website to get it all started!

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