Skip Hire Prices: A Complete Guide

A complete guide to the cost of hiring a skip

19th Oct, 2016

When you’re planning a building, clearance or renovation project at home or at work, you may well need to factor in the cost of a skip or container. But how much is it all going to cost?

At Skip Hire Network, we’re completely transparent with our skip hire costs, so you can shop around and make sure you get the best deal for you.

So, find out what’s the cost to hire a skip…

4 Yard Skip Hire Costs

4 yard skip size

Best suited to small amounts of green and garden waste, builders’ waste, household waste and soil or rubble, our 4 yard skip prices start from just £70.

6 Yard Skip Hire Costs

6 yard skip size

A little larger than our 4 yard skips, our 6 yard skips are ideal for domestic projects such as kitchen and bathroom renovations, or small landscaping projects. Prices start from £90.

8 Yard Skip Hire Costs

8 yard skip size

At four by 12 feet, our 8 yard skips are frequently chosen by customers looking to dispose of bulky waste and builders’ waste including soil, rubble and concrete. Prices start from £120.

14 Yard Skip Hire Costs

14 yard skip size

A good all-rounder, our 14 yard skips are great for light bulky waste items such as bricks, breeze blocks and small to medium metal appliances. Prices start from just £160.

16 Yard Skip Hire Costs

16 yard skip size

For house clearances, shop fitting jobs, and light construction waste, our 16 yard skips are an ideal choice. Suitable for wood, metal, plastics, garden waste and rubble, prices start from £180.

20 Yard Skip Hire Costs

20 yard skip size

Our 20 yard skips are our largest containers available for heavy waste, making them ideal for builders working on large house and premises clearances. Prices start from just £240.

25 Yard Skip Hire Costs

25 yard skip size

For larger quantities of light waste, often the by-product of shop fittings, interior building work and refurbishments, our 25 yard skips are ideal. 6.5 feet by 20 feet, prices start at £300.

30 Yard Skip Hire Costs

30 yard skip size

Best for materials such as timber, garden and green waste (not soil), metals and plastics, our 30 yard skips are mostly used for large house and garden projects. Prices from just £380.

40 Yard Skip Hire Costs

40 yard skip size

Our largest container, the 40 yard skip is perfect for renovation and fitting work that produces large quantities of light bulky waste materials, such as timber, metal and plastic. Prices from £440.

Why do I keep finding different costs for hiring the same size of skip?

Ah, now there’s an easy answer for that. Essentially, the cost is affected by the size of the skip and where you live in the UK. There are a number of factors that affect the price of skip hire in various cities or regions. This is partially because certain areas produce more waste – inner-city areas of London will produce more than rural villages, for example. This means more work for those in the processing industry and therefore higher costs for services like skip hire.

Local competition is also another major factor. The more skip hire companies there are in the area, the higher some have to keep their costs in order to stay competitive with each other. Unfortunately, sometimes that means higher costs for you! So then, it only makes sense that you’ll be wondering…

How to find the lowest cost of skip hire in your area

For most people, finding the lowest costs when it comes to skip hire involves tracking down each local company separately, and getting individual quotes from each of them. You’ll be pleased to hear though, that we’re dedicated to taking the hassle out of that process for you! Just head on over to our homepage and enter your postcode into the central field, and we’ll instantly provide you with the cheapest local skip hire. We account for all relevant factors (like location and distance) during our search, ensuring that we get you results that guarantee the lowest costs of skip hire in your area.

skip on driveway

What’s included in the cost of skip hire?

When you pay for a skip, the cost covers:

  • The rental period
  • The Value Added Tax on the skip
  • Delivery of the skip, the collection, and the disposal of your waste in it

Other skip hire costs to watch out for

Whenever you hire a skip, you should first find out whether you need a skip hire permit or parking suspensions, especially if you’re hiring on a tight budget! If you’re going to put your skip on a public road, you’ll need a skip permit from your local council. (You can usually get them through the local council’s website.)

You can sidestep this cost if you’ve got room on your own public land though, such as your driveway or front garden. Don’t forget, either, that skip hire permits are only valid for a set period of time, so make sure you check this when you get them. If you go over this time, you may get a hefty fine – yet another cost you could probably do without!

skip hire costs

By the same token, if you’re planning on putting your skip in a parking bay, on double yellow lines, or pay-to-park areas, that counts as putting it in a controlled parking zone (CPZ). In that case, you’ll need to pay for an additional parking suspension from your council. We know that it’s never good news to have yet another added cost to your skip, but trust us – the alternatives (mostly heavy fines) are far worse! Like the cost of the skip itself, the price of these can vary depending on your location in the UK, being anywhere from £15 to £50. So it’s good to be budgeting for them well in advance, just in case!

Skip Hire Costs Made Simple

There’s enough to think about when you’re hiring a skip without having to go hunting for prices. Our prices include drop-off, skip hire and collection, and we’ll recycle up to 100% of the waste you fill your skip with at one of our authorised treatment facilities.

For more information on our skip hire prices and sizes, take a look at our skip size reference page or call one of our helpful team members on 0300 100 0028 for advice on skip hire cost for your project.

It’s worth bearing in mind, too, that if your project involves a lot of metal waste, you may qualify for lower skip hire costs – it’s always worth getting in touch.

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