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Mars Chocolate North America have announced that they have achieved their aim of zero-waste-to-landfill.

All ten of their manufacturing facilities in North America are now certified zero waste, with all waste diverted from landfill.

In 2007, the company proposed various waste targets, which included achieving zero waste by 2015. They achieved their goal by focussing on three main areas: recycling programmes for multiple waste streams, increasing the efficiency of operating processes and developing partnerships with disposal vendors and local farm re-use programmes.

Mars Petcare sites in Peterborough and Melton in the UK had already achieved zero waste long before the 2015 target.

Since 2007, Mars Chocolate North America has driven an approximate reduction of 4,500 Tonnes of waste each year – that’s enough to fill 35 football fields, 12 inches deep, annually.

Mike Wittman, Vice President of Supply in North America commented:

‘At Mars we are constantly focussed on bettering the local communities in which we operate.’

‘We are proud to have earned zero-waste-to-landfill, another important achievement in driving sustainability across all of our facilities and continuing to sweeten the world in which we live and work’

Another goal outlined in the proposed targets is to eliminate fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. Over the coming years, Mars also plan on influencing others to adopt similar policies, developing partnerships with warehouses and regional distribution centres.

The zero waste initiative seeks to eliminate all waste, using alternative methods such as reusing or recycling to conserve and recover resources. With this development from Mars, and recent news that Unilever has made a similar achievement across its global factory network (see, achieving zero waste is becoming a more realistic target for companies, councils and consumers around the world.

Corporate participation is key in changing the nature of waste disposal in the UK, but consumer habits also have a big impact. You can contribute towards the zero waste goal by making environmentally beneficial choices, such as choosing Skip Hire Network for your waste disposal needs.

Skip Hire Network recycle up to 100% of the waste we collect, and divert waste from landfill wherever possible. By booking a skip with us, you know that your waste will be managed responsibly with a minimal environmental impact. Our range of skips can meet all of your domestic, trade or industrial needs; just fill in a few simple details at to get a great quote. What’s more, our services help to support social welfare charities throughout the UK.

Skip Hire Network can provide a great service with charitable and environmental benefits. By choosing us to provide your skip, you can contribute towards the zero waste goal and ensure that your waste doesn’t end up in landfill.

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