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Homeowners encouraged to recycle in the home

A national campaign has launched Recycle Week 2015, highlighting the issues still preventing people from recycling in the house.

The Recycle Now campaign, managed by the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP), carried out research in preparation for National Recycle Week, which takes place 22nd-28th June, 2015. The aim of the project is to encourage people to recycle around their homes and clear up any recycling confusion, boosting Britain’s recycle rates.

The research found that 30% of us are still confused about what can and can’t be recycled, particularly in household recycling. The survey, which included 2000 people, also found that while 90% of people recycle in the kitchen, just 50% regularly recycle in the bathroom. This is despite the fact that many items in the bathroom are widely recyclable, such as cardboard toilet role tubes, which 25% of people recycle, and cleaning product bottles, which just 19% say they recycle.

The campaign points out that if everyone in the UK recycled one aluminium air freshener aerosol, we could save enough energy to vacuum 876,000 homes for the year.

Marcus Gover, the director of WRAP says:

‘We’re recycling much more than we used to, but many people still don’t realise that there are lots of items around the home that can be recycled.

‘So this year’s Recycle Week is looking at the whole house as opposed to just the kitchen, so people feel more confident about what they can and can’t recycle in every room.’

The website run by the campaign,, provides tips and guidance about how to recycle in the home, with suggestions such as putting a small recycling bin in the bathroom. You can also enter your postcode to find information about your local recycling services and locate your nearest recycling centre. The site also has some great tips for food recycling, and an in-depth guide about how to deal with all types of waste.

The survey respondents also reported that their main motivations to recycle were because ‘it’s the right thing to do’ and ‘it’s good for the environment’. Although Recycle Week focusses on making an extra effort to recycle properly, we should continue to adopt good waste management habits which don’t harm the environment in our everyday lives. If you have a lot of waste from building work, a house move or just a big clear out, book a skip with Skip Hire Network to make sure your waste is dealt with responsibly. Our trusted network of partners all operate Authorised Treatment Facilities, and will make sure that as much of your waste is recycled as possible. Go to so we can source a local, environmentally friendly service for you, at an affordable price.

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