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Don’t ‘Skip’ Health & Safety with Skip Hire

Health and safety is a key concern in the recycling and waste management industry, which has proven to be one of the most dangerous industries in the UK according to statistics from Health and Safety Executive (HSE). This concern extends to domestic skip hire, where customers usually lack the training and supervision present on any commercial recycling site.

Whilst accidents amongst skip hire customers are rare, it is important that you follow a few basic safety tips when hiring a skip.

Before the skip arrives, make sure the area it is to be placed in is clear of rubbish and obstacles. It must be a flat, stable area with easy access for the driver to drop off and collect the skip. The ground needs to be hard enough to ensure the skip will not sink into it- remember, skips come heavy and only get heavier. Wet, soggy earth may lead to an unstable skip, and may impede collection.

With these concerns in mind, your skip can be placed anywhere on your private property. If you want to place your skip on public land- including roads or pathways- you will require a permit from your Local Authority. Skip Hire Network will arrange any necessary permits for you, with any additional charges from the Local Authority added to your quote.

When the skip arrives, make sure you keep pets and young children inside- having them running behind a reversing skip lorry will not endear you to the driver! Make sure everyone keeps well out the way of the skip lorry as it reverses in.

Once the skip has been placed, leave it where it is! It may surprise you to know, but some people have moved a skip further up their driveway after it has been delivered. Doing this may damage the skip and/or your property, and can make the skip inaccessible when the time comes for collection. Always give clear instructions to the driver when he arrives regarding where you want the skip.

What you put in your skip and how you fill it are important too. You must not put any form of hazardous waste, including solvents, batteries, aerosols, waste oils (or any liquid for that matter), paints or plasterboard. Don’t think that hiding them at the bottom of the skip is a good way to get around this either. It is against the law to put hazardous materials in skips- they are classed as hazardous for a reason, and must be disposed of safely.

Whatever you put in your skip, it must not be filled past the top of the sides. Overfilled skips will not be taken by the driver under any circumstances, as they present a safety hazard and it would be against the law to move them.

When filling the skip, bear in mind how you are stacking the various materials. Just like with your shopping bags, it is ideal to put the heavy stuff in first, with lighter materials on top. This can help avoid any ‘subsidence’- unexpected settling of the contents- which could present a safety hazard with materials moving unexpectedly. When lifting heavy items, make sure you follow correct manual handling procedure: bend at the knees, lift with your legs and keep your back straight. Back injuries are no joke, so make sure you take all precautions. If you can’t comfortably lift something by yourself, make sure to get some help rather than struggle alone.

Skip Hire Network is an online portal for booking skips of all sizes, with nationwide coverage. Working with collection partners across the UK, we can offer the best prices available in your area. All of our Collection Partners are registered waste carriers, and you can rest assured that all your waste will be processed at an Authorised Approved Treatment Facility (AATF).

What’s more, every Skip Hire Network collection generates revenue for the award-winning social welfare charity Recycling Lives, tackling homelessness and unemployment in the community.

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