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Cardiff to introduce smaller bins to boost recycle rates

Cardiff council are considering introducing smaller bins across the city to encourage recycling.

It is just one of the measures suggested as part of an ambitious overhaul to improve recycling rates following the city’s failure to meet the 2013/14 recycling target by 2%. They are currently facing up to £800,000 in fines due to the infraction, but the council hope to forego the fine in light of their new proposals.

An anticipated 93,000 homes will receive a 140l bin instead of the 240l bins which are currently provided. Large families and some other groups will be able to apply to keep their larger bins under the new measures.

The estimated cost of introducing the new bins would be £2.1 million including manufacture, delivery and recycling of the old bins. The council argue, however, that they would save money in waste disposal costs as recycling is cheaper than sending waste to landfill. There will also be £100 fines imposed for littering, encouraging residents to think about their waste disposal habits so as to keep the amount of rubbish they produce down to the new limits.

Although Cardiff’s current recycle rate of 50% is one of the highest in the country, significant changes are necessary as they have to meet tough targets to recycle 70% of waste by 2025.

With the plans set to be approved in April and implemented in July, Wales remain at the forefront of recycling and environmental improvement in the UK, with the highest average household recycling rates.

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